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Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (Ocean Expo Park)
The most popular sightseeing spot!
Northen Okinawa Main Island > Motobucho
10% off your bill at the directly-managed shops, restaurants, and cafes inside the Ocean Expo Park
*Ask store staff for details
Kouri Ocean Tower
A superb view looking out from Kuijima Island
Northen Okinawa Main Island > Nakijinson
(1) Exclusive Kouri Island heart cookie gift with admission *Limited to those who pay in cash at the ticket counter
(2) Exclusive Kouri Island postcard gift with souvenir photo purchase
(3) Free mini ice cream with meal purchase
(4) Original gift with a purchase of \3000 or more
"(1)ご入園の方に古宇利島限定ハートクッキープレゼント ※ただし受付にて現金でお支払いの方のみ
Busena Marine Park
An underwater observation tower also perfect for families.
Northen Okinawa Main Island > Nagoshi
20% off admission fees (underwater observation tower, glass-bottom boat)
JAL Private Resort Okuma
"Yanbaru Nature Resort" is a rich natural paradise
Northen Okinawa Main Island > Kunigamison
(1) Snorkeling tour \5,000 -> \3,500
(2) Towing \1,000 -> \700
(3) Yanbaru forest exploration tour \3,000 -> \2,300 (excluding tax) From 9:00 AM onward *Minimum 4 persons
(4)Beautiful star watching \3,000 -> \2,300
(5)Original large-size shisa creation \4,000 -> \2,500 (excluding tax) From 11:00 AM
(6) Beachcombing \2,000 -> \1,100 (excluding tax)
(7) 10% off shop prices (excluding some items)
(8) 10% off aromatherapy salon fees (excluding trial/campaign courses)
(9) 10% nail salon fees
*All prices tax exclusive
(3)やんばるの森探検ツアー3,000円→2,300円(税別)9:00〜 ※最小催行4名様〜
(5)オリジナルシーサー作り Lサイズ4,000円→2,500円(税別)11:00〜
Kishimoto Shokudo Yaedake Shop (Okinawan Noodle Restaurant)
きしもと食堂 八重岳店
Traditional Okinawan soba unchanged for four generations
Northen Okinawa Main Island > Motobucho
\50 off "Oppa ice cream" with meal
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