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Honoo no Miso Ramen Sapporo Engine

The ultimate ramen, made with miso that's fried to perfection in the roaring blaze of a flamethrower!
The aromatic scent of fried miso and the soup thickened in a searing 1300℃ heat surely make this the ultimate bowl of ramen. Each year over 100,000 bowls of the "Engine Ramen 2012" (\980) are. This mouth-wateringly delicious ramen was developed together with gourmet king Kei Kurusu, with the aim of making the most of Hokkaido's unique ingredients.
Complimentary ajidama egg or free upgrade to large serving. *Limited to one offer per group, diners only.
こだわりの味玉サービス or 大盛り無料!!※一組一回限り、お食事の方に限る