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  No. 1
New Chitose Motor Land
A rental kart track where all members of the family can enjoy go-karting!
Sapporo / New Chitose Airport > Sapporo area
50% off rental fees for 12 laps or more.
Weekdays \3,300 → \1,650
Weekends and holidays \4,320 → \2,160
  No. 2
Takasagoya, Hakodate Airport Branch
高砂屋 函館空港店
Everything that Hakodate has to offer under one roof! Make a great shopping experience part of your holiday!
Hakodate > Hakodate
Bring this coupon for a free gift with any purchase! *Limited to one offer per group.
  No. 3
Honoo no Miso Ramen Sapporo Engine
炎の味噌ラーメン 札幌炎神
The ultimate ramen, made with miso that's fried to perfection in the roaring blaze of a flamethrower!
Sapporo / New Chitose Airport > Odori - Susukino area
Complimentary ajidama egg or free upgrade to large serving. *Limited to one offer per group, diners only.
  No. 4
Susukino Natural Hot Spring Spa Safro
すすきの天然温泉 スパ・サフロ
One of the largest natural hot springs in Susukino, open 24 hours!
Sapporo / New Chitose Airport > Odori - Susukino area
Regular admission reduced from \2,600 to \2,100 for men, and from \2,900 to \2,400 for women
  No. 5
Kita no Ryoba, Otaru Unga Branch
北の漁場 おたる運河店
A wealth of seafood available! Seafood rice bowls full to the brim!
Otaru / Toya-ko / Yoichi > Otaru
10% discount off all food. *Cash purchases only. *Not valid with other coupons.
  No. 6
Sanchi Chokuso Hokkaido
産地直送 北海道
A popular grilled seafood restaurant. Located under the JR line, this is a great place for both business and sightseeing.
Sapporo / New Chitose Airport > Sapporo Station - Odori area
Hokkaido horsehair crab reduced from \1,990 to \995, or your choice of a complementary sea urchin platter, "hamayaki" set (beach-broiled seafood), sashimi platter, salmon roe sashimi, or a two-hour all-you-can-drink offer for \690! *Limited to one offer per group. *Offer limited to those ordering a meal.
  No. 7
Hakodate Uni Murakami, Nihonseimei Sapporo Building Branch
函館うにむらかみ 日本生命札幌ビル店
Run directly by a sea urchin processing plant that serves the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo!
Sapporo / New Chitose Airport > Sapporo Station - Odori area
1 free glass of beer or soft drink *Only once per party for those who order a meal, submit the coupon when ordering, and pay in cash
  No. 8
Calbee+, New Chitose Airport Branch
Calbee + 新千歳空港店
A store run directly by Calbee where you can sample freshly fried Jagarico and Poterico!
Sapporo / New Chitose Airport > New Chitose Airport
Poterico (Salad or Cheese) & drink reduced from \560 to \410! (\150 off)
  No. 9
Miso Ramen Senmon-ten Nitori no Keyaki
味噌ラーメン専門店 にとりのけやき
People are always lined up outside this renowned miso specialist store loved by locals and visitors alike.
Sapporo / New Chitose Airport > Odori - Susukino area
Those ordering the popular miso ramen receive a complimentary boiled egg topping! *Valid at both the Susukino Branch and New Chitose Airport Branch.
  No. 10
Sapporo Kani Honke, Sapporo Eki-mae Main Branch
札幌かに本家 札幌駅前本店
Savor all kinds of crab cuisine at this restaurant specializing in crab!
Sapporo / New Chitose Airport > Sapporo Station - Odori area
5% off *Not valid with other coupons or offers. *Does not apply to souvenirs.
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